Dear clients,

Our galettes and crepes are made of gluten free certified organic flours. In addition, we don’t use animal milk, but rather plant milk, to help everyone eating healthily, for a better and healthier world.
There is no ingredient containing gluten on our grocery list.
However, we kindly ask you to inform us of any intolerance or allergy when ordering.
All our galettes and crepes contain buckwheat flour and can be served with or without butter.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Savoury crepes

  • Smoked salmon – spinach – fresh goat cheese cream – lemon Savoury crepes
  • Egg – ham – cheese – potatoes – pure maple syrup Breakfast crepes
  • Apples – ham – cheese – pure maple syrup Breakfast crepes
  • Mushrooms – béchamel sauce – ham – cheese Savoury crepes
  • Spinach – egg – ham – cheese Savoury crepes


Vegetarian crepes / vegan

  • Spinach – tomatoes – egg – cheese Vegetarian crepes
  • Mixed vegetables – egg – cheese Vegetarian crepes
  • Vegan crepe of our vegetables – salad mix – vinaigrette sauce Vegan crepes
  • Tomatoes – potatoes – egg – raclette cheese. Vegetarian crepes


Sweet crepes

  • Chestnut cream Sweet crepes
  • Tasty berries – whipped cream Sweet crepes
  • Apples – pears – caramel – whipped cream Sweet crepes
  • Apples – pure maple butter Sweet crepes
  • Organic sugar – lemon or cinnamon Sweet crepes
  • Organic Banana – chocolate or caramel Sweet crepes



  • Sparkling cider Artisanal
  • Gluten free blond beer Artisanal
  • Chia orange juice Organic
  • Apple juice Artisanal
  • home made iced tea Home Made
  • Bottled water (Naya) Spring Water
  • Coffee Hot Drinks
  • Kusmi Teas Hot Drinks