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Healthy approach

Maximize product quality and enhance our know-how for a healthy, conscious and thriving world.

Passion and love

Transmit passion, love and respect of the products in every crepe.

French cuisine

A crepe restaurant making Breton buckwheat galettes and crepes respecting the rules of the French cuisine.

Gluten free

Buckwheat galettes, organic dessert crepe, delicious stuffings — Everything is gluten free!

Wheat free crepes:

Make a healthy crepe from organic, gluten-, dairy-, peanut- and trans fat-free products.


Buying local and organic products and using compostable cutlery is a priority to us.

Our crepes


Make the best of our organic, local, and healthy premium products.


Improve hygiene procedures and environmental management.


We demonstrate passion and professionalism to improve the pairing and the cooking of our products. 


Transmit happiness et offer the best eating experience to our clients.

l'artisan crêpier à l'oeuvre


Jérôme, your artisan crêpier, here to serve you! 
Here is the story of La Crêperie du Marché, in a few words… My passion for the crepes takes its origins in my childhood, when mom was making her delicious crepes with love, knowing her three sons would devour them, but also the old days of our summer holidays in Brittany, birthplace of the crepes, when we would eat galettes every time we could.

My path in the footsteps of the Breton crepe

Then, at the beginning of my studies in Paris, and after being a waiter in a famous brewery of the Champs-Élysées, I started to work in La Crêperie de Josselin, one of the best crepe place in Paris, where Marie-Thérèse —a woman I consider as my second mother as for my culinary education— taught me and passed me down her know-how, her art and all the passion attached to it. Later, I crossed the Atlantic with my little family to settle down in Quebec. We bought the house of a famous Breton, a crêpière. I met her accidentally some times later and I discovered her story. She had been the first Breton crêpière to start crepe restaurants in Quebec, and most of them still exist today. At the same time, I got seduced by the lifestyle of the Belle Province, I got the chance to learn the culinary art alongside experienced chefs and, finally, I got the opportunity to create the counter of La Crêperie du Marché in the Heart of Jean-Talon market, the first street-food concept for the city of Montreal. 
2017 marks ten years of construction, passion, work and reason of being!

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